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Gagan Weds Balkar. Colourful Sikh Ceremony.

Sometimes we need colour to communicate the spirit and vivacity of life which minimalism often omits. I loved capturing these colour-filled images as they were a departure from what I normally photograph. When Gagan asked me to shoot her wedding this past summer I was thrilled to be working with her once again. She is one half of the über talented design team Kundan Paaras

I adored so many things about this wedding it's difficult to list them all. 

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Toronto, Ontario //

Gagan & Balkar //

Lisa + Brian // Sunny Toronto Engagement

There is something nostalgic about light. Especially in the summer and especially in a town which stands in for so many places. Toronto is a town of multiplicity - it is never singular even when at bottom it really truly is one thing; but the industry (film) demands that it be another, a stand in for all cities, an anonymous city. This particular day it reminded me so much of LA and New York, two polar opposites yet unified on this sunny Saturday afternoon by that brand of nostalgic light that is so difficult to shake, the kind that lingers well beyond the sun has set. 

I first met Lisa and Brian at Reeti and Ankur's gorgeous outdoor wedding two summers ago and instantly knew I would love the opportunity to work with them. They share such a loving naturalness about them its difficult not to want to capture the undeniable union between them.

So we set out searching for light and moments of shade wandering about Queen West while the Pan Am Games roared in the background colouring the day with discussions of traffic and a subtle excitement for things to come. We ended the day by the water, where multiplicity truly lives and it is here my most favourite moments of the shoot unfolded. With the sun illuminating the frame, love was undeniably in the air. 

Toronto, Ontario //

Lisa & Brian //

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