Shaliah Weds Reyaz

Sometimes you get blessed with amazing clients and working with them transcends the scope of an ordinary business deal of contracts and negotiations. As an artist every wedding photographer dreams of finding clients who share a common ideal in bringing to life photographs that speak in a honest way. Collaboration is key to achieving this feat and I feel truly lucky to have worked with these two amazing people!

As a portrait photographer working in the wedding genre finding the right clients is paramount to staying close to the vision you set out to explore in your work. For me taking on a wedding is more about the connections that develop through the work, through the kernel and node that lives inside the image. Reaching that point isn't always easy however when working with clients that are receptive and open things start to bloom beautifully.   

I'm so thankful to have worked with these two wonderful people, documenting their special day was truly a joy. 

Toronto, Ontario //

Shaliah & Reyaz //

kp kaur