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See the full story, Exigencies featured in LUCY'S Magazine here.

All night editing marathons are a blast especially while watching Lena Dunham discuss her recent literary endeavours with the equally hilarious Caitlin Moran accompanied by an endless pot of jasmine green tea procured from the organic market on the corner block earlier that evening. Armed with the additional listening pleasure of intermittent intervals of the musical affectations of FKA Twigs and James Blake - one could say they paired nicely for that trip-hop post-dubstep electronic 90's R&B vibe that's so hard to shake considering it brings back all kinds of nostalgia (feels). 

I've gotten accustomed to grabbing a few shots post shoot to be the bookend to a great day of organized chaos (that particular brand that swirls about on a busy shooting schedule meticulously laid out the night before). I adored this bold beauty look Caroline Levin masterly executed and since we had a few moments before we wrapped the day we had a bit of fun.

Check out the full storyExigencies featured in LUCY'S Magazine here. 


MUA/HAIR: Caroline Levin @P1M // 

MODEL: Carola @Spot 6 Management //

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