Russna Kaur // A Portrait of an Artist at Work

In picturesque rural Ontario lays a secluded farmhouse settled at the end of a dirt road enclosed by two open flowing fields that meet the horizon. Here you will find Russna Kaur, a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo cultivating her art and sowing the seeds of creativity. One of the most nuanced and sophisticated emerging artists to hit the Toronto scene in recent memory, Kaur employs a strategic use of mixed media, found objects, colour and post impressionistic brush strokes that attempt to defy symmetry and even the notion of genre.  But in breaking the rules she has mastered a new balance which the work embodies explicitly - a new sensibility; perhaps one could even say a new language that evokes both hints of an unruly Basquiat and an elegant van Gough.

Russna Kaur will be exhibiting her work from February 18th-21st at The Artist Project, a contemporary art fair held at The Better Living Centre in downtown Toronto. For more information and to purchase tickets visit:

Russna's outfit by Brige + Bardot // Hair & Makeup by Rav B. Beauty Concepts

kp kaur